Potty Training

Potty Training should be a fun educational experience for your child!

Remembering that you cant force your child to use a Potty is important and useful. If they are not ready, then you wont be able to make them use it or want to use it.

How to know when to start Potty Training your child
  • The best thing to do is to encourage the behaviour that you want.
  • Most parents think about potty training when their child is around 18 to 24 months old, however there is no perfect time.
  • Most find it easier to start training in the summer when there are fewer clothes to be taken off and washed nappies dry quicker.
When the time is right your child will be happy and ready to use the potty and will be very happy when they get it right.

Signs that your child is starting to develop bladder control

  • Your child will know when they have a wet or dirty nappy
  • They will start to let you know when they are passing urine because they know themselves
  • They may know when they need to pee and will tell you in advance. (This is usually the fastest time for training. If you are starting earlier than this sign, then be prepared for a lot of accidents as your child is learning.)
How to start Potty Training

Leaving a Potty where your child can see it is the best first practice. This helps them to get to know what its for. If you have older children, then your toddler seeing their sibling using the Potty is a great help. It will excite and intrigue them making them want to have a go.
If your child has a regular bowel movement every day leave off the nappy and suggest for them to use the Potty. (If this upsets your child in any way, put the nappy back on and try again in a few weeks)

As soon as you see that your child knows when theyre going to pee, encourage them to use their Potty. If your child slips up, just mop it up and wait for next time. It takes a while to get the hang of it. If you dont make a fuss when they have an accident, they wont feel anxious and worried and are more likely to be successful the next time.

Your child will be excited when they succeed in using the Potty and praising them will help a lot. However, dont make a big deal about it, just give them a little praise.

  • Dont give rewards such as sweets, as this can cause more problems in the future.

Common problems that can occur in Potty Training

My child isnt interested in using the potty at all

Do not worry! Remember that sooner or later your child will be ready and will not want to be wearing a nappy to school just as much as you dont want them to.

My child keeps wetting himself

Two options:

  1. Go back to nappies for a while and try again in two weeks
  2. Keep trying, but be prepared to change and wash clothes a lot.
Things were going well and then there was an accident
  • Accidents will happen for a while, so when your child does manage to use the potty and stay dry (even for a short time), praise them but not too much.
  • Accidents can be frustrating but try not to show to your child that you are frustrated. Simply explain that you want them to use the potty or toilet next time.
My child was dry, but has now started wetting themselves again

This could be signs of a bladder infection, constipation, threadworms or type 1 diabetes. Ask your GP for more advice.

School is about to start and my child is still not dry

By this age, your child is likely to be just as upset by wetting as you are. They need to know that you are on their side and that you are going to help them solve the problem.

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