Reusable Nappies

Cloth nappying today is not what it used to be! New choices of materials and special fabrics help an increasing number of parents to reconsider whether disposable nappies are the best choice for themselves, their infants and the environment.

Why do parents choose Reusable Cloth Nappies:
There are a number of reasons why parents choose reusable nappies:
1. Concern for their babies health because of the chemicals in the standard disposable nappies.
2. Concern for the environment as non degradable diposables significantly contribute to the waste volume in landfills.
3. Cost: reusable nappies are far cheaper to use longer term as they only need to be bought once.
4. Ease of use: new designs and more absorbent fabrics make choosing and using washable cloth nappies easier than ever. In many cases they are as easy to use as disposables with an added step of washing but far less waste.

Find out more about the Mother-ease nappies, nappy liners and other nappy accessories and their performance.

Read the Guide to Reusable Nappies and get info and tips on how use them.

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