Birth-to-potty Nappies

High Performance, Leak Proof All in One Pocket Diapers

Wizard EasyStuff is the most convenient and value for money nappy in the Wizard range. Easy to use and quick to put on baby minimizing the changing time.

A very slim fit which is ideal for use under any clothes without making them look bulky.
It is an All in One nappy - which means no separate parts to be put together - just ready to go.

It comes in One Size, so you will not have to buy another nappy until your little one is Potty trained! The size is adjusted in the front with the different popper configurations to fit the size for young babies up to toddlers.

It has a booster option for heavy wetters or to be used as a night nappy. The booster can be inserted under the absorbent part of the nappy in a matter of seconds increasing the absorbency by more than 90%.

At the same time it dries in practically no time as the two parts of the nappy separate in the middle.

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