Fitted Nappies

The absorbent inner part - needs a nappy cover to contain the wetness.

The fitted shaped nappies are the inner absorbent nappy and need a cover to contain the wetness and make them water & leak proof. They are a great option as mums can change this inner part when it is wet (but not soiled) and use the same cover by wiping it down.

Two Piece Shaped Nappies - A Quick Overview:

Wizard DUO Inserts: These inserts are part and specific to the Wizard Duo System. They will only work with the Wizard Duo Covers. The great thing about these nappies is that you can pre-assemble them and have them ready for use when you need them. They have great absorbency and dry in no time at all. Again the cover can be wiped down if only wet and a new insert can be used.

One Size Nappies: These absorbent nappies will fit your baby from the time it is born to the time it Potty trains. Please keep in mind that you will need different sizes of nappy covers as your baby grows.

Sandys nappies: Custom sized absorbent nappies from sizes Xsm to Large created to fir every baby perfectly. These nappies are the best performing Fitted Nappies in the range due to sizes being specific to the babys weight.

Toddle-ease: These nappies offer a custom fit for toddlers with a roomier cut for easy and comfy crawling and walking!

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