For more than 40 years, Pampers has been helping to improve life for babies, toddlers, and the parents who care for them through a complete line of nappies, training pants, and wipes designed for every stage of baby's development. As many of the researchers at Pampers are parents themselves, they take great care in developing products that benefit both mum and baby, and are committed to making a difference in babies' lives.

Thanks to four decades of research, hard work, and dedication to families across the globe, Pampers has also been at the forefront of new nappy technology. The brand has debuted such product features as resealable tabs and high stretch to create convenience and value for mum and great comfort for baby.

Our Pampers Range: New Baby, Baby Dry, Pull Ups, UnderJams

Pampers New Baby
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Unbeatable protection for newborns' skin will help give your precious baby the care they deserve.

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Unique Absorb-Away Layer™

Quickly draws both wetness and runny poo away from newborn skin for dryness and protection.

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Wetness Indicator

Turns blue when the baby pees, indicating a possible nappy change.

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EMPTY Sub Headine!

Thanks to its curved design, Pampers New Baby with new Navel Friendly Shape™ provide a soft and comfortable fit around the belly.

  • Super-absorbent technology - locks the wetness away
  • Soft and Breathable - comfort for delicate skin
Pampers Baby Dry
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Up to 12 hours of dryness for giggly mornings

For lovable giggly morning moments all your baby needs is lots of love and a nappy that keeps them dry all night long. PampersĀ® Baby- Dry have Micro Pearls that absorb up to 30 times their weight, and lock in wetness.

Pampers Easy Up Pants
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The convenience of a pant, the dryness of a nappy

The perfect transition from nappies, Pampers Easy Up Pants from the Pampers Premium Protection™ range have an Extra Dry-Layer for up to 12 hours of leakage protection. But they are shaped like pants, being easy to pull on and off to encourage your toddler's feeling of independence. So they get all the protection of a nappy but with the convenience and the confidence of wearing pants. And your toddler won't be alone as they begin to explore their new world around them, because Dora and Diego are here to bring even more full to all their adventures.

UnderJams Pyjama Pants - Boy
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Protection made private

UnderJams pyjama pants give your child all the privacy and protection they need if they tend to wet the bed. They're specially designed with an absorbent core to help protect from leaks, and are made from quiet materials to reduce any embarassing 'rustling' sound.

UnderJams pull on and off like normal underwear, with stretchable sides for a snug and comfy fit. They're printed with girls' and boys' designs so they look like underwear too. And UnderJams have a low waist so they can't be seen poking out of pyjama bottoms.

Protection made private:

  • Overnight Protection: Absorbent core to help prevent leaks.
  • Super Comfortable with breathable outer cover.
  • Quiet Material for maximum discretion.
  • Low waist fits like underwear
  • Available in sizes S/M and L/XL, suitable for children aged 4-7 and 8-12 years old.
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